A Day in the Life of a First-Year Teacher

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back from break!

In with the new year! 2013! :)

My students and I went back to school after a one week long winter break. One of my new year's resoultions was to take stronger control of my more difficult classes this year - namely 1st and 7th periods (that's 2 out of only 3 pre-algebra classes that I have this year). I started the new year by creating and copying color-coded calendars for both Pre-Algebra and Integrated Algebra with dates of tests, quizzes, major activities, VERY important lessons they should try their very best not to miss, major projects and project due dates and review sessions. I believe that this calendar will allow them to properly plan ahead for what to expect in class and will allow me to be more organized in assigning important dates.

Another thing I am trying to do is to for my "needy" students (those with grades at or below 73%, which consists of significantly more students this year - accross all five classes - than last year) is to let them know about the websites that are available for them for extra help:
  • Khan Academy
  • YouTube
  • Regents Prep
  • the NYS website
  • Hotmath
  • Coolmath
I always make myself available before and after school for students, but I don't normally see these "needy" students at the help sessions. The students who come are the ones that are more self-motivated, and are struggling with minor things or coming because they were absent for a class. However, it's these "needy" students that I'm trying to reach, and I am thinking about a program in which I can *gently* "force", for lack of a better word, extra help upon them. Any ideas?

A homework help blog recently contacted me on my blog asking me to tell my students about the availability of their free service for asking questions on homework in any of the core subjects. Link will be up soon for you guys!

Here's to a great 2013! (And to more blogging too!)

P.S. one year anniversary of my blog is coming up TOMORROW!!